Monday, July 15, 2013

Epic Fail

So I really DO have a list of my favorite things that goes all year round, but apparently the time it takes to blog it all is SO INCREDIBLY LONG that my shiny video games won out over posting.

HOWEVER, that doesn't mean I should stop posting at all. Especially since there is so much to talk about!

For instance - I'm pregnant! <3 Trust me, this news is far more impressive if you knew the years of infertility we battled.

But really, how cool is that?! I get to teach my child about Doctor Who and Disney World and Final Fantasy! Nothing excited me more than having a tiny geek running around the house. First thing first, they need to learn the alphabet. So the nursery (Adventureland themed so it's gender neutral) will start construction soon, including a fun alphabet on the wall.

A is for Aang
B is for Batman
C is for Cthulhu
D is for the Doctor
E is for Egon
F is for Firefly
G is for GLaDOS
H is for Hodor
I is for Indiana Jones
J is for Jedi
K is for Kidagakash
L is for Lilo and Stitch
M is for Mickey Mouse
N is for NASA
O is for Obiwan
P is for Princess Peach
Q is for Quidditch
R is for Rikku
S is for Spock
T is for T.A.R.D.I.S.
U is for Umbreon
V is for Vader
W is for Weasleys
X is for X-Men
and Z is for Zelda

As for baby names... well, wait till September when we find out the gender.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Tower of Terror

For those who don't know, the Tower of Terror is a theme park ride at Disney World/Disneyland. It's based on the old tv show - the Twilight Zone - and features an elevator drop. It's an intense ride with a historic feel.

Aside from the fact that the Twilight Zone is amazing (that's for another day), this ride was one of the places I worked at while I was in Disney. It's also where Josh told me he loved me for the first time.

Anyone that known Disney, knows that they do rides with stories. It's not just a roller coaster, it's a limo ride to catch a concert. It's not just a roller coaster, it's a train ride through the Himalayas trying to outrun a Yeti. And the Tower of Terror isn't just an elevator drop. It's a visit to the old exotic Hollywood Tower Hotel and using the service elevator because the normal one is broken.

The ride is extremely well themed and makes you feel like you're walking right into the late 1930's. Don't wuss out, this is a ride you'll always love and remember.

Song of the day - We'll Meet Again by Vera Lynn

Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Circus

This is a bit of a hard one to explain. See, it's just the circus. I don't mean a specific type or even a brand, but just the circus. You know, elephants and acrobats and popcorn and dancing. It's all just an amazing spectacle.

As much as I've always loved going to the circus, this was never something that was on my list before. However, recently I was informed about how my grandmother used to ride horses. Mostly in rodeos, but there were a few times she actually rode elephants. In the circus.


After that, who WOULDN'T love the freakin circus!

Song of the day - Maple Leaf Rag

Saturday, August 11, 2012


Every once in a while, there's a show that comes along that is just so magnificent you can't possibly comprehend how it ended so soon. And by every once in a while, I mean WHY DID FIREFLY END?!?!?

Firefly is a tv show that combines two unlikely genres - sci-fi and western. And it's done beautifully. I mean, watching this show, I can't imagine a more frontier-like space. It feels used and gritty and ancient. Wonderful setting. The plot follows the crew of a Firefly ship as they travel in space. Oh, and if you've ever heard the term 'browncoats', it's from this show.

The thing that makes this show is the characters. Joss Whedon has always made exceptional characters, but Firefly works. They are all opposites of each other, but they get along. The relationship between them all is fascinating. Shiny.

Wash, tell me I'm pretty.

The show is short, only 14 episodes, so there's no excuse not to watch it. Plus, Kaylee is awesome.

Song of the day - Ballad of Serenity

Friday, August 10, 2012

Kingdom Hearts

As a kid, I was a Disney fanatic. As I grew a bit older, I was introduced to the Final Fantasy series and fell in love with that. So when my boyfriend at the time called to tell me that there was a game coming out that combined two of my favorite things - I nearly died.

And the game lived up to it's hype! I had posters and shirts and everything before the game even came out. I was too young to think that the game might be bad, so I didn't have any reason to dread. I spent the first half the of the game giggling like a moron. It was beautiful. I didn't want to play Sora at first; I wanted to just jump right into my characters I knew and love. BUT THEN I FELL IN LOVE WITH SORA! I mean, who wouldn't, come on.

For those that don't know, Kingdom Hearts is a video game where the main character goes to different worlds, each based on Disney movies. There's a Hercules world, a Wonderland world and even Halloween Town. It's also got an amazing voice cast (including the cheerleader from Heroes) and the animation is just gorgeous. This game is easily many people's favortie, and it's a great way to get kids interested in a full on RPG.

For Kingdom Hearts day, I mostly just listened to the music. I'll be playing the game a bit later on today (but only the first one! KH2 is another day!), but that's it really. Oh, and I wore pink as a salute to Kairi. ^^

Song of the day - Simple and Clean by Hikaru Utada

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

So here's a movie that isn't discussed much....

Blessed are the forgetful, for they get the better even of their blunders.

A few years ago, I was going through the IMDB's top 100 movies of all time (it's top 250 now). There were several movies on there I'd never heard of and/or had absolutely no interest in whatsoever. To my surprise, I ended up finding lots of new movies I absolutely love. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind was one of those. I ended up loving that movie so much, I'm pretty sure it's my number 1 fave of all time. No, really.

Sometimes I don't think people realize how lonely it is to be a kid.

For those that don't know, this movie is defined as a romantic sci-fi. It's a story about a company called Lacuna that can erase memories and how it effects the people involved. The two main characters meet and start a relationship without knowing they were former lovers. It's incredibly amazing and has the most realistic dream-like scenes I've ever seen in a movie.

Maybe you can find yourself a nice antique rocking chair to die in.

Today I went to listen to the movie, but it's one of those movies you simply CAN'T listen to, so I'm just gonna go watch it. Totally worth it. In addition to that, I listened to the soundtrack! Thank goodness for youtube, right?

So if you've never seen the movie, you should really give it a go. It's got a clever story, a fun romance and some pretty amazing actors in it. TO NETFLIX! Or, at least watch the trailer!

Song of the day - Mr. Blue Sky by ELO <3

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Amy Pond

Amelia Pond! Get your coat!

If you don't know who Amy Pond is (and you're not the only one, dw), she's a companion of the 11th Doctor on Doctor Who. The red headed kiss-a-gram girl that's feisty and full of adventure.

I love Amy. One, cuz she's got red hair, but also because she's just fun. She's traveling with the Doctor for the fun of it, and she's not afraid to jump right into things. Plus, she's got an AMAZING husband.

For Amy Pond day, I tried to dress up like her! Sorta. See, she's got this cool red plaid shirt but apparently red plaid just isn't available for girls around here so I only had an apple green plaid shirt and really, what goes with apple green but pink so I had to wear a pink tank top and then my super tall pink shoes and *sigh* it was close but not perfect. Oh well. At least I had long red hair, right? Plus, I got to say "your stupid face" a lot. That was fun.

SOOOOO excited for the new season to start!!!!

Song of the day - Everything is Ending by Chameleon Circuit